Personal Page

Personal Page

Your Personal Profile Page

To open a personal page, register through Facebook or email. You will be given an option of opening a personal or business profile page.

A personal page is for general buyers and sellers who are buying and selling for personal use.
On your personal page, you can create your profile and you have facilities to post items that you wish to buy or sell with the option of sharing to the markets. Click share, choose category, submit post and it will be sent to Baan Mac admin for approval.
You also have an option to promote your post under FEATURED by clicking on the promote button.
To promote you need to have apples in your eWallet which is present in your profile page. It is 10 apples for 5 days. If you fill in the number of days you wish to feature your post, the equivalent apples will be deducted from your eWallet.

To buy apples

Each apple is 10Baht and each featured post is 100 Baht for 5 days and the following are the package choices:

  • 100 Baht gets you 10 apples
  • 300 Baht gets you 35 apples
  • 500 Baht gets you 60 apples
  • 700 Baht gets you 90 apples
  • 1,000 Baht gets you 130 apples

Select package, make payment with ATM/Debit card or Credit Card via PayPal, by filling in your card details and it will be credited to your eWallet automatically.

If you wish to save favourites and add it to your wish list, it will appear at the bottom of your profile page making it easier for you to make your buying choices.

When users visit you profile they can message or live chat in real time with you and they can follow your page.